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Top Bible stores to tell your kids about love

Rising kids often appears to be a tough process. How can you help your little one to become a noble and sincere person? Is it possible to find books and stories that teach children to be kind and respectful in the most effective way? Surely, you can find lots of fairytales, novels, and other literature that will help you to make your kid an outstanding personality. However, the Bible is still the best alternative for reading to your children about love and support. Below we’ve collected a list of Bible stories any kid should definitely know about.

The best Bible stories to tell your children

When it comes to reading the Bible, it might be difficult to find the best stories for your kids about love. The fact is that the entire book is an excellent alternative to learn about love, care, and honesty. However, there are still some stories that better fit the younger audience. These stories will be definitely enjoyed by your children, so you can start telling them without any hesitation.

The Good Samaritan

This brilliant story teaches the little ones to help those people who are in need. Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. But many kids might be wondering who actually is our neighbor and might take the phrase too literally. Your goal is to describe your child how to be a good person and take care of the others. The Good Samaritan might be a perfect example of a Christian. This story teaches the little ones to be compassionate and loyal, as well as always try to help other people.


You should definitely tell this story about a sinner who still wanted to love and to be loved. The story shows off the fact that even bad people can change and open their hearts to good. Jesus becomes a bright example of how to treat these people and help them to become better. By the way, the stories about good and evil are one of the favorite ones for many kids.

The Vine and the Branches

This story is also one of the best options to read and tell to your kids. It reflects that the relationship with Jesus might be as nourishing as the bond between the vine and branch. We need to open our hearts to Jesus to love and to be loved. Although you might think this story might be difficult to understand by your little ones, they will surely feel your attitude towards it and like it.
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