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Mission Statement

Faith Christian School has a passion to train each student to the height of his academic ability and to encourage him to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to the point where the heart is completely yielded to His control.

Background and Philosophy

Faith Christian School was founded in 1975. It offers a full range of training from pre-school through high school. The school is a ministry of First Baptist Church and Section Eight Baptist Church who realize the importance of having an academic program centered around the Word of God.

The goal of the educational program is to cause the student to analyze all situations with regard to God’s Word and to act in accordance with scriptural principles. FCS desires to see each young person live a full and fruitful life to the glory of God. The Christian view of life and education, as clearly outlined in the Bible, has God and Christ at its head and core. The Bible informs us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7). Basic academic subjects are emphasized and the curriculum is designed to lead to a mastery of essential skills and abilities. Many opportunities are given for a developed appreciation in all realms of learning: Bible, English, math, foreign language, science, history, music, physical education, and several electives. Faith Christian School differs from public schools and secular private schools as a Biblical philosophy of education is embraced in every classroom.

The faculty is composed of dedicated, trained teachers who feel that teaching in a Christian school is their calling in life. Each staff member views the school as a personal ministry.


Faith Christian School is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools (WACS) and the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS). The membership dues are based on enrollment and are paid with a portion of the registration fee. Benefits include teacher conventions, athletic tournaments, fine arts competitions, and Bible quiz tournaments. These organizations also provide valuable information and alerts regarding state and federal legislation that could impact our school.

Location and Contact Information

Faith Christian School is located approximately 40 miles north of Green Bay, Wisconsin in the town of Coleman.  To find Faith Christian School on a map, please click here .  Contact information is below:

Faith Christian School
233 West Main St.
Coleman, WI 54112
Phone: (920)897-3380
Fax: (920)897-4880
E-Mail: [email protected]

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