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Supporting Churches of Faith Christian School

Faith Christian School was founded in 1975 by three Baptist churches in the Pound area. Our building was acquired by the three churches in a public auction during the summer of 1975. Currently Section Eight Baptist Church and First Baptist Church, both of Pound, are the supporting churches of the school. The school board consists of members from these churches.

First Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church located on Highway 141 in Pound. It was founded in 1888 as the German Polish Baptist Church of Pound. In 1902 they became the Polish Baptist Church of Pound, and in 1948 they changed the name to First Baptist Church. The current pastor is Reverend James Frisby. Andy Rodriguez is the youth pastor. The church phone number is (920) 897-3678.

Section Eight Baptist Church is also an independent Baptist church. It is located in the eighth section of the township of Pound. It was founded in 1901. The current pastor is Reverend Scott Barker. Ben and Brooke Franklin work with the youth ministry. The church phone number is (920) 897-2502. For detailed directions to Section Eight,