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Mission Statement Motto Background/Philosophy
Membership Phone Numbers Statement of Faith
General Information
Assemblies/Chapel Attendance Make-Up Work Policy
Early Dismissals Tardies Awards
Bible Correspondence Daily Schedule
Dress Code Emergency School Closing Fees
Fire/Tornado Drills Grade Promotion Health Policy
Homework Insurance School Property
Lunch Program Patriotism Progress Reports
School Board School Office School Photographs
Science Fair Sports Standard of Conduct
Student Relationships Student Changes, Withdrawals, Dismissals
Telephone Textbooks Transportation
Handbook:  Grades 7-12
Cars Class Changes College Entrance Tests
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School Verse School Song


Mission Statement

Faith Christian School has a passion to train each student to the height of his academic ability and to encourage him to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to the point where the heart is completely yielded to His control.

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School Motto

Preparing youth for time and eternity

Background and Philosophy

Faith Christian School was founded in 1975. It offers a full range of training from pre-school through high school. The school is a ministry of First Baptist Church and Section Eight Baptist Church who realize the importance of having an academic program centered around the Word of God.

The goal of the educational program is to cause the student to analyze all situations with regard to God’s Word and to act in accordance with scriptural principles. FCS desires to see each young person live a full and fruitful life to the glory of God. The Christian view of life and education, as clearly outlined in the Bible, has God and Christ at its head and core. The Bible informs us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7).

Basic academic subjects are emphasized and the curriculum is designed to lead to a mastery of essential skills and abilities. Many opportunities are given for a developed appreciation in all realms of learning: Bible, English, math, foreign language, science, history, music, physical education, and several electives. Faith Christian School differs from public schools and secular private schools as a Biblical philosophy of education is embraced in every classroom.
The faculty is composed of dedicated, trained teachers who feel that teaching in a Christian school is their calling in life. Each staff member views the school as a personal ministry.

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Faith Christian School is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools (WACS) and the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS). The membership dues are based on enrollment and are paid with a portion of the registration fee. Benefits include teacher conventions, athletic tournaments, fine arts competitions, and Bible quiz tournaments. These organizations also provide valuable information and alerts regarding state and federal legislation that could impact our school.

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School Phone Numbers

The school phone number is (920)897-3380.  The fax number is (920)897-4880.

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Statement of Faith

1. The Bible: We believe in the verbal plenary Word of God; that the sixty-six books in our Bible were divinely given wholly without error in their origin and that we have today a faithful copy which is the absolute authority for our faith and practice (II Tim. 3:16).

2. God: We believe that there is one true God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. Lord Jesus Christ: We believe in the deity and pre-existence of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, in His present intercessory ministry and in His personal return in power and glory.

4. The Holy Spirit: We believe in His personality, pre-existence, and deity; and His work in each believer, regenerating and indwelling that person’s life to make possible a life of obedient service and trust in the will of God.

5. Man: We believe in his direct creation in the image of God, his subsequent fall into sin resulting in spiritual death, and the necessity of salvation so that he can be alive spiritually (II Cor. 5:17).

6. Salvation: We believe in a complete and eternal salvation by God’s grace alone received as the gift of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross.

7. The Church: We believe in the one true church, the body and bride of Christ composed of all born-again believers of the present age, and the organization of its members in local churches for worship, for the observation of the ordinances, for edification of the believers, and for the world wide propagation of the gospel.

8. Christian Life: The Christian life is a life of righteousness, good works, and separation unto God from the evil ways of the world with guidance from the Bible and strength from the Holy Spirit, resulting in the fruit of the Spirit. The goals are to mature personally, to build up other Christians in the faith, and to lead unbelievers to Christ.

9. Satan: We believe in his existence and personality as the great adversary of God and His people, his judgment by God, and final doom.

10. Second Coming: We believe in the imminent, personal, and visible return of Christ in power and glory.

11. Future Life: We believe in the conscious existence of the dead, the resurrection of the body, the judgment and reward of believers, the judgment and condemnation of unbelievers, the eternal life of the saved, and eternal punishment of the lost.

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Admission & Registration

Faith Christian School of Coleman, Wisconsin, admits qualified students of any age, sex, race, color and national origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to students at this school.
Parents wishing to obtain information about the school and its programs or to enroll their children should contact the school office.

Faith Christian School was formed to provide a Christian atmosphere in the academic world. Our admissions policies are set up to conform to that purpose.

  1. Parents of students enrolled in Faith Christian School must sign the “Parent’s Pledge” and fill out an application. Students in grades 7-12, as well as their parents, must sign the “Standard of Conduct” form. These forms are the blue pages in the center of this catalog.

  2. Parents and prospective students must make an appointment to meet with the administrator.

  3. A new student is accepted into our school on the basis of former records or entrance and placement tests and after meeting the entrance qualifications. Upon acceptance, the family will receive a packet of necessary forms for file information, immunization records, etc. A list of needed classroom supplies will be provided.

As a private school we reserve the privilege of setting and maintaining our own standards of student conduct, dress, and scholarship. The school reserves the right to refuse admittance and to suspend or expel any student who has violated the standards set down by the school board, this catalog, or other rules of conduct defined by the administration. The administration reserves the right of not defining the criteria or reason when applicants are not accepted.

A child must be 4 by September 1 to enter preschool, or 5 by September 1 to enter kindergarten.

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General Information

Assemblies and Chapel

One of the advantages of a Christian education is the opportunity to have a weekly chapel service. A chapel service is held for all elementary students each Wednesday morning at 8:20 and is followed by a 7-12 grade chapel.  The chapels are intended to be a time of blessing and challenge for the students.  Periodic assemblies are also scheduled for pep rallies, special speakers, etc.

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In order to take complete advantage of our educational program, a child must be regular in attendance. Excessive absenteeism will invariably affect the grades of any child. Therefore your assistance in keeping absences to the absolute minimum will greatly enhance your child’s opportunities for a better education. Family trips and vacations should be scheduled when FCS is not in session.

Wisconsin state law defines a habitual truant as any student who misses all, or part of, more than five days in a semester. A student who misses more than twenty (20) days during the school year may find his promotion at the end of the school year in jeopardy. A student will not be permitted to attend or participate in any extra curricular activity if he is absent during the day of the activity.

The school asks that absences result only from personal illness or special/emergency situations. The parents must call the office by 8:20 a.m. if a student will be absent that day. A note of explanation is due the day the student returns to school. This note is to be brought to the school office and exchanged for an admittance slip which will give permission to return to class. This form also has a section for the teacher to write missed assignments.

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Make-Up Work Policy
For Absences Due to Illness: When a student is absent because of illness, the student will have three days to make up the first day’s work and one day for each additional day absent (i.e. 2 days absent = 4 days to make up work). Make-up work not handed in on time without a reasonable excuse will be given half credit.

For Absences with Prior Knowledge:
If the student has prior knowledge of an absence the work must be completed prior to the absence. He is also responsible to be ready with class assignments due the day he returns.

For Emergency Absences Other Than Illness: The student will have one day for each day missed to complete all missed work.

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Early Dismissals:

If a student must leave before the close of the day, he must present a written note to the office from his parents. This note must be presented to the office before first hour and an early dismissal form will be filled out. The student will give this form to the teacher to sign at the time of departure. Students must sign in and out at the office. Assignments will be due as scheduled. Students who leave school without permission may be suspended for up to three days.
Early dismissals for doctor or dental appointments or any other reason are to be obtained from the school office. The teacher will dismiss the student from class at the time stated on the slip. We require all kindergarten and elementary students to wait in the school office until they are picked up. The administration requests that appointments on a school day be made for the late afternoon when possible.

If someone other than yourself is picking up your children, please let us know. We want to take every precaution to protect our students.

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Students must be prompt in getting to school. They should be in the building no later than 8:05 a.m. Students arriving after 8:10 a.m. are tardy and should report to the office for a late slip. A note from the parents, explaining the reason for being tardy, will be required to have a tardy excused. An accumulation of three unexcused tardies will be treated as one unexcused absence. An unexcused absence will result in the student receiving zeros for all work missed by being gone. If a student is detained in a class by a teacher, he should receive a hall pass from that teacher. Tardiness to an individual class will be handled by the classroom teacher.

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Elementary: We believe that what you honor, you will produce. Awards are given in the elementary to encourage attendance, academics, and spiritual development. Attendance awards will be given at the end of each quarter. Other awards will be presented in a special ceremony the last week of school. Individual classroom teachers may award students for special achievements as determined by the faculty handbook and administration.

Secondary: Awards are given for recognition of Honor Rolls as well as various academic, athletic and fine arts achievement. Concentration will be upon the Highest Honors, High Honors, Honor Roll and the Tony Merkt Christian Character and Leadership Award.

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Bible is a required subject at Faith Christian School for students in all grades. From its pages beams forth a crystal clear light for life’s pathway and therein is revealed the only hope for the life to come. It enhances the study of other subjects such as English, history, and science. No other book can enrich the mind and heart nor prepare one for an effective life as the Bible. A Christian school is privileged to use this most important tool in the work of character building, which is perhaps the most necessary task of a school. It far excels all other courses offered in this school in laying a sure foundation of moral and spiritual values in a day of moral decay and spiritual apostasy. Without a working knowledge of the Bible, students can hardly be considered educated in the truest sense. The King James Version is the version used in all classes by faculty and staff.

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Each Friday a copy of the “Conqueror News” will be sent home giving important announcements and details for the school.

If you need to give the teacher a message, please send a note with your child. If you need to have a conference with the teacher, please send a note with your child or call the school office to set up an appointment. The teacher will return your call to confirm the time.

Daily Schedule

Half Day Kindergarten

8:10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Full Day Kindergarten

8:10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Grades 1 – 12

8:10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Please have your child arrive no earlier than 7:50 a.m. and remain no later than 3:15 p.m. The school office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each school day. The office may close early on early dismissal days.

We request that parents do not accompany their children to the classroom doors in the mornings, nor pick up their children at the classroom doors in the afternoons. If you should need your child before school is dismissed, please contact the school office. After school a teacher takes the students to the dismissal areas where the children may be picked up. All parents with students enrolled in half-day kindergarten will have to provide their own transportation at dismissal time.

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Dress Code

God desires that we glorify Him in all things. Even the manner in which we dress can honor God or bring shame to His name. At Faith Christian School we uphold dress standards that we feel will help insure a good appearance conducive to the setting of a Christian school. This daily appearance includes good hygiene and posture as well as actions and clothes which glorify the Lord. Above all, we want to be balanced in our approach to allow students and parents as much freedom as possible within parameters that will maintain an appropriate environment.


Girls should dress attractively but modestly. God’s Word teaches both directly and by inference that Christian young ladies should dress modestly at all times (1 Tim. 2:9-10; 1 Pet. 3:3). Dresses and skirts are to be worn to the middle of the knee. Split skirts are not to be worn. Any slits in a skirt must be closed to the middle of the knee. Girls are required to wear dresses or skirts, blouses and/or sweaters to class at all times. Blouses and shirts are to be buttoned and tucked in. The top button may be unbuttoned. There is to be no writing on the shirt. Sweatshirts and T-shirts are not to be worn. Appropriate foot wear and socks or stockings must be worn at all times. The use of jewelry and makeup is not encouraged, nor is it forbidden. When used, it should always be with discretion.


Boy’s hair must be kept cut above the ears and tapered in the back and off the collar. Sideburns are to be no longer than to the middle of the ear, and hair combed forward should not be below the middle of the forehead. All facial hair is to be cut. Excessive, faddish hairstyles are not allowed. Boys are not to dye their hair. Necklaces and earrings may not be worn. Appropriate footwear and socks must be worn at all times.

Boys are to keep shirts buttoned and tucked in. The top button may be unbuttoned. No sweatshirts or T-shirts are to be worn as outer wear. All shirts are to have fold-over collars. All boys are to wear neat and clean long pants. Blue jeans that are not faded or torn may be worn through the sixth grade. No blue jeans or faded jeans of any color may be worn in grades 7-12. Belts must be worn with pants designed for that purpose.

Tennis shoes may be worn to school provided that they are neat, clean and tied. The same pair may not be used for physical education class. Tennis shoes are required for physical education class. Other attire for physical education class will be specified by the teacher. Hats are not to be worn in the school building.

Students are reminded that the dress code applies to the entire school day. Unless permission is granted, a student is not to change into non-approved attire before leaving the building. Non-approved attire will be given consideration only for such things as school approved activities and out of town trips.

The administration reserves the right to determine whether the student’s dress and appearance is proper. It is understood that the school may take necessary action to correct any student failing to meet these standards.
We appreciate parents dressing appropriately when attending school functions. Smoking on school property will not be allowed.

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Emergency School Closings

When school closings are necessitated by inclement weather or other difficulties, the announcement will be made on WRVM-FM (102.7). Any announcement that Coleman Public Schools will be closed will also mean that FCS will be closed.

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Registration Fee

The registration fee is due when the parent submits the student application to Faith Christian School. This fee covers the cost for transfer and establishment of student records, an insurance policy for student accidents, and the cost of material and equipment necessary in classroom preparation for each student being enrolled. To receive the discount the re-enrollment form or application must be turned in by May 15th. The fee schedule is as follows:

Registration Fee per student per year

...................until June 15 $ 85.00

.................after June 15 $100.00


The following is the schedule of tuition rates per child for the 2004-2005 school year:

Half Day Pre/Kindergarten

Full Day

Full Day

1 child enrolled

$ 1,910.00

$ 2,130.00

$ 2,280.00

2 children enrolled




3 children enrolled




4 children enrolled




Tuition is based on a ten-month schedule beginning August 15 with the last payment due May 15. Alternate payment options may be made with the administrator.

Tuition payments are due by the 15th of each month, August through May. Monthly payments for personal obligations which are not paid in full by the 25th of the month will be subject to a $10 per account, per month, late fee.

Parents who withdraw their children after the15th of a month will be responsible for that months tuition. Tuition will be refunded for any future month paid.

If a monthly payment is missed, a letter will be sent indicating the need for regular payment. If no payment is received for a second consecutive month, a letter will be sent notifying the family that their children will not be admitted to class after the fourteenth of the following month unless payment is made or written payment arrangements are made with the school board.

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Fire Drill/Tornado Relocation

Periodic fire drills are required by state law. Diagrams are posted in each room giving evacuation routes to follow in case of an emergency. Students will be instructed in safety procedures. Drills will be conducted periodically throughout the year.

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Grade Promotion

It is vital that a student in grades K-8 be prepared to do well in the next grade. Receiving “D’s” and “F’s” on a report card give indication that grade promotion may not be in the best interest of the student. Repeating a grade may be the best alternative for a struggling student. Input from parents and teachers is considered before the administration makes the final decision.

In grades 9-12 credits are based on semester grades. A student who fails a semester of a required class or a class that is foundational for a future class will need to repeat that semester in a subsequent year. Grade promotion is specified according to the total number of credits earned and is outlined on page 15.

Grading Scale

A 92-100

D 70-75

B 85-91

F 0-69

C 84-76

Faith Christian School uses the 4.0 grading scale in determining grade point averages for grades 7-12.

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Health Policy

If a child becomes ill at school, the parents will be contacted. The sick room has a bed where the student can rest until he is taken home. Students need to have a note from their parents before any medication can be given. Our school secretary is trained in basic first aid.

Students must be current on all required immunizations as prescribed by the State of Wisconsin. Parents can choose to waive any vaccination they have a personal or religious conviction against.

Students entering kindergarten are encouraged to have an eye examination. This recommendation is in compliance with a new state law. Forms are available in the school office.

Faith Christian School strives to provide a safe environment for all of its students and staff. Therefore any person found to have any communicable and potentially lethal disease will be subject to the following policy.

Children enrolled at FCS, or who desire to enroll, who are diagnosed to be carrying any communicable and potentially lethal disease shall be given assistance in finding a Home School program. They will not be permitted to enroll in regular FCS classes until they have been diagnosed as no longer carrying the communicable disease. This policy protects other students from becoming infected and protects the infected child from being exposed to additional illness.

This policy is to apply to diseases such as, but not limited to, chicken pox, measles, acquired immune-deficiency syndrome (AIDS), etc. The policies presented also apply to students known to be infected with HTLV-III/LAV or testing positive for the presence of antibodies to the AIDS virus.

The rationale behind this policy is that there is currently no vaccine against AIDS nor any cure. Exposure to an AIDS carrier could result in contracting the deadly disease. Also, AIDS cases are increasing at an alarming rate. FCS is sympathetic to children who contract the AIDS virus and their families but the safety of the student body must be ensured.

All new students must have a physical examination once during their school years. They also need a bi-annual exam for athletics in grades 7-12.

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We believe that homework is an integral part of the school program, and each student is given homework to aid him in advancing in his studies. Each student is expected to complete the homework assigned. Homework is given for drill, practice and parental observation. We believe that most students require solid drilling to master material essential to their educational progress.

Assigned homework affords parents the advantage of evaluating each student well in advance of the standard reporting period. The homework assignments are an extension of the daily work covered in each class during the week. As parents check the homework assignments, they can better understand the student’s areas of greatest need and take necessary action to correct any problems.

Generally, homework is limited on Wednesday and during special meetings in the churches. In grades 1-3 the appropriate amount of homework for the average student will be about fifteen minutes per night and in grades 4-6 about thirty minutes per night. Homework in junior and senior high will vary with the subject and student load.

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Each student has an accident policy purchased annually to cover injuries resulting from accidents. Coverage is for 12 months, 24 hours per day. The premium is included in the registration fee. The parent’s insurance is assumed to be the primary carrier.

If you have any questions about specific areas of coverage by our insurance program, please contact the school administration.

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School Property

Students should consider it a privilege to attend Faith Christian School and, therefore, do all in their power to keep the building and grounds looking attractive. Any student known to deface or destroy school property will be assessed the full cost of repairs upon a meeting with the parents. It is understood that enrollment in Faith Christian School constitutes parental consent to searches of student lockers and property if the student is suspected of having prohibited items.

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Lunch Program

Faith Christian School provides clean, adequate lunchroom facilities for all students. The lunchroom offers microwave ovens, white and chocolate milk, and soda and candy bar vending machines. The elementary students eat at 11:30 and the secondary students at 12:15. The elementary students have a snack break during their morning recess time. There is no other eating allowed (besides lunch time and the elementary snack break) for any students. Eating candy and gum chewing are not allowed during the school day. The students are not allowed to leave the school during their lunch break. Students are expected to bring sack lunches. Pre-cooked sandwiches are also available each day except Wednesday. These sandwiches will be given to any student who forgets to bring a lunch. The parents will be notified of the cost. We feel that our lunchroom is a service to the students, and we will seek to uphold and teach proper manners during the lunch period. A hot lunch meal is available each Wednesday.

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Patriotism is the love and loyal support of a person for his country. This includes attachment to a country’s land and people, admiration for its customs and traditions, and devotion to its well being. The term “patriotism” implies praise and loyalty to one’s country and willingness to suffer even death in defense of a country’s freedom and good name. Our school endeavors to develop American patriotism in order to create an appreciation for the common memories, hopes, and traditions of our country.

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Progress Reports and Report Cards

Every week examination papers of the student’s work are sent home for the parent’s observation. After the fifth week of each quarter a progress report is sent home. These must be signed by the parents and returned to the student’s homeroom teacher. Report cards are sent home every quarter. It will be necessary to pay a $4.00 replacement fee for lost report cards. Teachers are always eager to meet with parents by appointment to discuss the student’s progress.

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School Board

The Faith Christian School Board is made of three members from both First Baptist Church and Section Eight Baptist Church. The senior pastor of each church is also a voting member by virtue of his position. The Board typically meets the last Tuesday of each month in the school library. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are open to the public during the general session. Anyone wishing to address the Board must be placed on the agenda by contacting the administrator by noon the day of the meeting.

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School Office

The school office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each school day. The office may close early on early dismissal days. Summer office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. most weekdays.

When coming to the school for any reason, please come first to the office and reception area where the secretary will direct you to the proper individual. Please do not go directly to the classroom. Forgotten lunches, homework, messages, etc. may be left at the school office and will be delivered to your child.

Our school office is a business office and any student needing to call home for any reason during school hours must get permission first from a teacher, the receptionist, or administrator. In case of illness or emergency, a student may contact the school office, and the receptionist will assist the student in making contact with the parents.

Parents calling about classroom problems or general needs of the student will be referred to the teacher or the administrator who will evaluate the situation and contact the parents, making every possible effort to have the situation explained or corrected. Students are also welcome to come to the office for business. There are to be only two students in the office at a time.

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School Photographs

A professional photographer takes photographs of each student in the fall of the year. The photos are used for the school yearbook and the permanent files. Parents are offered the opportunity to buy a packet of the pictures.

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Science Fair

Faith Christian School hosts a science fair in grades 3-12. Every student taking science is required to participate by doing a project and writing a paper explaining the project. Each project is graded and certain awards are given. Those students who place highest may have the opportunity of entering their project in the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools’ Regional and State Science Fair.

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Several athletic teams are available to FCS students. In the fall, students in grades 7-12 can participate in boys’ soccer and girls’ volleyball. In the winter, boys’ basketball is available for boys in grades 3-6. There is also girls’ basketball and boys’ basketball available in grades 7-12.

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Standard of Conduct

All junior and senior high students and parents are required to sign and comply with the “Standard of Conduct” of Faith Christian School. All students (K-12) are expected to comply with the specifics and spirit of the form. A copy of this form is in the center of this catalog.

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Student Relationships

Students are to show respect, good judgment, and propriety toward members of the opposite sex. There is a definite “no touch” rule between boys and girls. Students must refrain from fighting, hitting, shoving, scratching, etc. other students.

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Student Changes, Withdrawals, Dismissals

It is necessary that the school’s student records be up to date at all times. This is accomplished by seeing that all changes concerning the student’s address, phone number, emergency information, immunizations, and any other pertinent information be presented in writing to the school office as soon as possible.

Withdrawals from our school for any reason must be made through the school office. We prefer advance written notice. The student should report to the school office in the afternoon of his last day of school. All school property, including library books, should be turned in at this time. A teacher may also assist a withdrawing student in gathering his personal belongings.

The tuition account must be current including the cost of any unreturned books or school property before the permanent records of the student will be released.

A student may be dismissed from school at any time if he or she is found to be out of harmony with the rules and policies of the school. Decisions in these matters will be the full responsibility of the administrator and school board.

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The office phone may be used by the students at the end of the lunch hour and at the end of the day for approved reasons. Students are not to use the phone to make personal calls. Long distance calls must be charged to the party being called. Students are not to use personal cell phones at school. Students will not be called to the telephone unless the call is from one of their parents.

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Textbooks are supplied by the school. The average textbook life, other than workbooks, is estimated at five years. Textbooks that are lost or damaged by students will be assessed accordingly. Students are required to have textbook covers for all school books. Book covers as well as other materials such as paper, pencils, notebooks, rulers, etc. are available in the school office.

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Parents living in the Coleman school district may take advantage of the public school bus system if they so desire. Call the school district superintendent to make arrangements.

Transportation from areas outside this district is on a private individual basis, and any cost for such transportation is handled privately by the individuals involved. Faith Christian School is not responsible for setting the rates, collecting transportation fees, or the personal safety of students being transported to and from school. A child must be 5 by August 31 to ride the public school bus.

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It is the desire of the administration and faculty to be of service to both the parent and student. Each teacher welcomes a visit from any parent. We do urge, however, that any visit to a classroom be made by definite appointment with the office, and that any parent teacher conference be scheduled at a convenient time after school hours.

Normally student visitors are not permitted. If prospective students desire to visit the school, arrangements must be made with the administrator at least a day in advance.

All school visitors must report to the office when entering the building.

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Students who drive to school are to observe safe driving practices and rules of courtesy. The speed limit coming from any of the streets is 10 mph. Other specific rules will be given by the administrator. Students are not allowed to go to their cars during the day.

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Class Changes

Students should select their classes with parental and school input to insure being in the right classes and to prevent unnecessary schedule changes. Any schedule change must be made during the first week of the semester.

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College Entrance Tests (A.C.T./S.A.T.)

Faith Christian School is registered with the American College Testing Program and the College Board. Our school number is 500441. Notices for the dates of the tests are posted on the student bulletin board. Juniors and seniors will be reminded of these dates. Forms may be picked up in the office. The test results will be discussed with the student.

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Courses: Junior High School

All seventh and eighth grade students will be required to take the prescribed course of study as follows:




Physical Education







Computer Literacy

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Courses: High School


Bible 9

Bible 10

Bible 11

Bible 12

Bible Quizzing


English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12



U.S. History

World History



Business Math

Pre Algebra

Algebra I


Algebra II




Physical Science







*Business Mgt.


Computer Prog.


*Driver’s Ed

*Home Ec.

*Physical Ed.

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Credits for Graduation
Minimum Requirements for Graduation

Bible (1 credit for each year at Faith Christian)






Fine Arts


Foreign Language




Physical Education/Health




Social Studies




For graduation, a student must earn 24.5 credits in grades 9 through 12 which includes a credit in Bible for each year in Faith Christian School. Classes meeting 2 or 3 days a week will be awarded 0.5 credit per year. Driver’s education will receive 0.25 credit.

A student will be a freshman until he has accumulated 6 credits, a sophomore until he has 12.5, and a junior until he has amassed 18.5 credits. A student may graduate with a minimum of 24.5 credits, provided that the individual subject requirements are also met.

Early graduation will be considered only if 1) a student has completed all credit requirements prior to the end of the sixth semester of high school, 2) has a 3.5 academic G.P.A., 3) has approval of parents or guardian, and 4) has board approval.

- Students are to decide upon their selection of courses for the following year by the end of the current year.
- Students must schedule classes equivalent to a minimum of six credits per year.
- A course may not be dropped by the student until the end of the semester.
- If a sufficient number of students do not request a course, the school may drop the course.
- Each student should consult with his counselor and make plans for the courses to be taken each year.

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Discipline System

An after school detention will be appropriate for some behavior problems or for academic work that the student failed to complete. Detention can be issued by a classroom teacher or by the office. A one-day notice will be given so that the students may have opportunity to inform their parents and make arrangements for transportation after the detention. A detention will not be more than one hour per day. A detention hall will be available each school day except Wednesday.

Demerits may be given for more serious offenses. Demerits will be issued only by the administration and the discipline committee of the school board. Students at Faith Christian School are expected to maintain the highest standards of behavior at all times. Failure to comply with the “Standard of Conduct’’ as established by the administration will normally result in the issuing of demerits. Upon receiving the following number of demerits, the stated action will be taken.

10 A notice will be sent to the parents to inform them of the situation and the administrator will review the student’s discipline.
20 The student will be put on automatic probation and suspended for one or more days with unexcused absences.
25 After administrative and board consideration, the student is subject to expulsion.

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Driver’s Education

Faith Christian School contracts with a private company for driver's education. The schedule is established so as to not interfere with activities on the school calendar.  The cost for the class is paid by the parents of the students participating in the class.

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Faculty Room

The faculty room is located across the hall from the secretary’s office. Should a teacher not be in the classroom, a student may check the faculty room to see if he is there.

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Guidance Department

We want the students of Faith Christian School to utilize their abilities and talents to the fullest by making sound choices and finding God’s will for their lives. Guidance services include:

  1. Teacher advisement

  2. Individual and group counseling by appointment with the administrator

  3. Pastoral counseling (The school office can help schedule these appointments)

  4. Testing services (ACT, career, PSAT, and SAT)

  5. Available literature to interested students

  6. College presentations

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Hall Passes

Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless they are accompanied by a teacher or have a hall pass from an authorized staff member. Students are responsible for obtaining the written pass.

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Honor Roll

The honor rolls are determined at the end of each grading period. Those students with straight “A’s” qualify for Highest Honors, those with an “A” average for High Honors, and those with a “B” average for the Honor Roll. Nonacademic classes are not used to determine grade point averages. The course listing on page 15 makes note of the classes in this category. Grades from all classes will be used in determining the honor rolls. A student with an incomplete in any class will not be named to an honor roll until the work is completed and a grade is established.

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Both coat and gym lockers are to be kept neat with nothing taped or fastened to them in any manner. The school will issue a lock to students desiring to lock their locker in the evening. Students will be charged $5.00 if the lock is lost.

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Sports & Extra-Curricular Eligibility

A “C” average in academic classes must be maintained in order to participate in any sport or extra-curricular activity. Eligibility for all extra-curricular activities shall be determined at the beginning of a new quarter. The last quarter's report card will be used to determine eligibility. The final report card of the previous year will be used in the first quarter of the new year. Students who are ineligible will have their academic grades reviewed at the end of the first three weeks of the quarter. At this time a student will have his eligibility reinstated if he has at least a "C" average in his academic classes. If the student still doesn't have an acceptable average his grades will be evaluated after another three weeks.

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“Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.”
(Romans 8:37)


May you always stand, Faith Christian School
With your blue and your white so pure;
You are founded on the Word of God,
A foundation that’s strong and sure!

Marching on thru the years of liberty;
Giving Christ all your love and loyalty;
For we’re more than conquerors thru Christ;
He has won the victory!

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