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Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
Boys Varsity Basketball
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Girls Varsity Basketball
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Varsity Volleyball

February 2005

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 GV/BV BB vs Marinette Home School-H-5:30

*Kyle Tachick
2 Chapel
Hot Lunch

*Taylor Anderson
3 *Josh Prestin 4 Elem. Girls/BJV BB vs Bay Area Eagles-A-4:00

Bo Wilcox
5 Elem. Boys BB vs St. John’s-H-10:00
6 7 *Miss Sobush 8 BJV/BV BB vs Bay City-A-5:00

Brandon Pagel
9 Chapel
Hot Lunch

Alexis Marquardt
10 GV BB vs Beth Haven-H-5:30
BV BB vs Beth Haven-H-7:00

Tyler Salesky
11 BJV BB vs Wyldewood-H-5:00
BV BB vs Wyldewood-H-6:30

Ian Weirich
12 Senior Class Fund Raiser “Family Photographs”
13 *Jackson Miller 14 GV/BV BB vs Pembine-H-5:30

Josiah Berth
15 Elem. Girls/ BJV BB vs Bay Area Eagles-H-5:00

Matt Courchaine
16 Chapel
Hot Lunch

Cody Hargus
17 GV BB vs Stockbridge-H-5:00
BV BB vs Stockbridge-H-6:30

Nicholas Sailer
18 Progress Reports
Nathan Lepianka
19 *Reily Lepianka
20 21 GV BB vs Green Bay Homeschool-H-6:00

Devan Weirich
22 School Board Meeting 7:00

Mr. Wilson
23 Chapel
Hot Lunch
No PM Coleman Bus

Jennifer Hargus
24 Austin Banaszak 25 WACS 3-6 Fine Arts Meet in Green Bay
WACS Playoffs

Sarah Couchaine
27 28 CESA 8 Spelling Bee

*Becky Highlen